WBC 6-3-1 Equal Length Exhaust Header with Venturi Merge Collector - Triumph GT6


This is our own state of the art exhaust manifold for Triumph GT6s (will not fit GT6 MKI heads - header fits GT6 MKII / GT6+ and GT6 MKIII heads).  The header is specified to suit motors with cam durations in the 272-292 degree duration range with a rev range upto 7200RPM.  This includes GT6 vintage race style engines and very high end GT6 street performance engines.


  • 6-3-1 layout, which we have found to offer the broadest power range with exceptional mid-range torque
  • CAD designed and CNC laser cut 3/8" thick flanges
  • Primary pipes welded on both sides of mounting flange (exterior weld purely structural).
  • Equal length primary and secondary pipe sections
  • Primary and secondary diameters are suitable diameter for GT6 street performance and vintage race / auto-x use (this header was co-developed alongside our WBC559v2 camshaft)
  • Venturi merge final collector
  • O2 sensor bung welded into collector
  • EGT probe bungs welded on the underside of primaries 2, 3 and 5 to allow monitoring of individual triple Weber DCOE carbs
  • Ceramic coated for superior heat insulation properties and polished to a high luster
  • Entirely designed and manufactured in the USA
  • No structural modifications required to the chassis frame or suspension tower to fit header (header may interfere with coolant pipe that runs along side of the block)

July 2015: No stock available.  No immediate plans to manufacture any further units.  Overall interest was too low to sustain the manufacturing batch quantities we need on this item.

Price: $0.00

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