WBC Customer Car Profile - TR5 of Gavin Adams, Australia

How many of you have done 130mph in your Triumph?  Or pushed your 40 year old TR to the limits by participating in a grueling five day long, 1500+ mile road rally?  Gavin Adams routinely stresses his highly modified TR5 to these extremes - multiple times a year!

The beautiful photos in the gallery below were provided by Gavin and were taken while he was participating in the 2012 Targa Tasmania in Australia.  The Targa Tasmania is a five day long road rally, that covers more than 2500km (1550miles) of road with competitive stages consisting of 600km of that total figure.  Wishbone Classics' WBC559LP camshaft is at the heart of this TR5, mated with a set of WBC tappets, installed in late 2011.  The WBC559LP is a hillclimb/rally camshaft that offers in excess of 0.500" of valve lift when used with high ratio roller rockers.  Hillclimb and rally engines must have a wide powerband, as the conditions - terrain, elevation, weather - the car competes in are diverse.  Gavin's engine is also fitted with petrol injection and fully mapped distributorless ignition, which helps provide the versatile powerband that is needed in a competition rally engine.

"We enjoyed a fantastic response with the engine - smooth powerband and the car would rev sweetly to the rev limiter.  Often on some high speed stages we were sitting in 4th overdrive at 210kph (130mph) bouncing on the limiter." - Gavin Adams

While the TR5 did compete strongly and finished the 2012 event, a clutch failure hampered progress as did an off-road excursion Gavin took that re-arranged the front end of the TR5 (see photos). We wish Gavin all the best with the upcoming 2013 rally schedule!